Library Circulation and Expectations

Student Access

The Haddon Heights Junior & Senior High School Media Center is accessible throughout the school day for students to locate, read, and/or checkout materials as well as to complete text or computer-based research, homework, or other productive pursuits.  Students enter and exit by the main entrance only.   Students may access the Media Center in a variety of ways:

  • Before Homeroom or after 8th Period
  • With a class
  • During Study Hall with a pass from a Subject Area teacher to complete assigned work
  • During Study Hall with a pass for independent pleasure reading

Subject Area Pass

Students may obtain a Subject Area Pass to enter the Media Center.  Passes obtained from Subject Area teachers are required. 


Study Hall teachers may provide Media Center passes to access the Media Center for independent pleasure reading.When requesting a pass, students must identify the study hall period during which they require access as well as the specific work they need to complete while in the Media Center. Students must present the Subject Area Pass upon reporting to the Media Center.  Students must report to study hall first for attendance purposes then proceed immediately to the Media Center (with the pass) and are required to be engaged in the specific work they've identified throughout the study hall period.


After School Use

Students may enter the Media Center from 2:42pm to 3:00pm to complete homework, reading, or research activities.  Students with early out privileges (day ends before 2:42pm) are permitted to enter the Media Center with a Subject Area pass. 

Media Center Rules

Work Quietly

Please be considerate of your level of noise while in the Media Center. Talking is permitted, but be courteous of those who are working or studying independently. You should be talking in quiet or whisper voices.


Be Productive

Students must be working or studying while in the Media Center. Students should be seated or browsing for materials.  Refrain from seating more than four (4) students per table.  Make the most of your time!


Be Respectful

Be respectful of others, and of the materials you use.  


Media Center Expectations

All students who enter the Haddon Heights Junior & Senior High School Media Center will be expected to follow the stated Media Center rules, Media Center expectations, and computer use policies. Any violation of these rules or policies will result in the following progressive actions.



  • Conduct yourself in a mature manner...usie appropriate language, etc.
  • Show care when using all Media Center resources.

  • Possess and present a valid Subject Area Pass to enter the Media Center unless visiting with a class.

  • Sign in (on the Media Center Sign In Sheet) immediately when you enter the Media Center.

  • Check out (at the Circulation Desk) any materials you wish to use outside of the Media Center.

  • Return all checked out materials on time.

  • Use time productively.

  • Electronic equipment must be silenced and out of sight (i.e. cell phones); please use headphones for viewing streaming video with audio.

Circulation Policies and Procedures

All students who wish to borrow materials from the Haddon Heights Junior & Senior High School Media Center will be expected to follow the stated circulation procedures found in the student handbook.

  • Items from the circulating collection and interlibrary loan may be checked out for two (2) weeks.

  • Items may be renewed one (1) additional time pending approval.

  • Students may borrow a maximum of five (5) items during a loan period.

  • Teachers may borrow unlimited items.

  • If items are not returned by the end of the school year, unreturned items are added to student PowerSchool account.
  • If an item is lost or damaged the borrower is responsible for replacement cost.

Media Center Chromebook Rules

While using Chromebooks, users must:

Adhere to the Haddon Heights School District Board of Education Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement.

  • Print documents and graphics only when needed. Please refrain from printing multiple copies of any documents. If you need to print a large document or need multiple copies of a document for a class assignment, ask a staff member for permission before printing.
  • Refrain from accessing Internet sites where obscene or inappropriate material may be displayed or printed. If a research assignment requires access to these sites, you must ask a IT for permission in advance.



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